11 May 2001
free software

I am rendered speechless (typeless?) by the more recent Microsoft pronouncements about the evils of open source, their “prizes” for anyone reporting orders of PCs without operating systems (such hubris to think that only their OS would be installed on these PCs), their new subscription model of software licensing where you pay and pay forever (else your old software stops working) for new bells and whistles while serious bugs, known about for years and years are never fixed …. arrrrrgh!

Ah. But I really started this entry to provide a link to Categories of Free and Non-Free Software, which is “… a glossary of various categories of software that are often mentioned in discussions of free software. It explains which categories overlap or are part of other categories.” There is also a nice diagram.

Do the right thing — switch to Linux (or some flavor of BSD, or some other open OS) wherever you can.

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