12 May 2001
“You have 1 message waiting for you.”

About a year ago I commented on the “Do you want this Ad to Go Away?” banner ad. Since that time I’ve suffered the dodging monkeys and distracting pop-ups in silence, but today a site annoyed me enough to write again.

While wandering around the web I stumbled into an ASL (American Sign Language) dictionary. Every page had both this banner and this popup, saying “You have 1 message waiting for you.” with a rapidly flickering, bright yellow triangle with an exclamation point superimposed on the left side of the images. It was the pop-up that got to me. That’s right, every one of the pages I checked (not many—I couldn’t stand it) had both the banner and the popup.

At first I wasn’t going to link to the site, but I changed my mind; so, I went back to the site to verify the link, only to have my laptop lock up. Arrrgh! Anyway, after I rebooted and was yet again insulted by ScanDisk’s implication that I’m too stupid to know how to shut down properly, I finally tried the site again (hmmm, maybe SD’s on to something after all). No popup this time, and the text on the banner had rotated to a new message, like “Your modem’s too SLOW!” or something similar. Who know’s what you’ll see if you go there; maybe you should just stay away.

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