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22 Mar 2008
Cyborg Insects

The goal is to create insects that can be remotely controlled to serve as remote sensing devices, giving the paranoid schizophrenic in us all one more excuse to start gibbering about “Project: Beelzebub.” —Joel Johnson, Cyborg Moths Will Soon Watch You Pee, at Boing Boing Gadgets Urm, yet another DARPA project. Not that I’m paranoid, […]

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22 Mar 2008
BigDog Quadruped Robot

BigDog is a quadruped robot being developed by Boston Dynamics (funded by DARPA). You can read more about BigDog at Think Artificial. BigDog’s behavior is fascinating, eerie, creepy — there’s a certain dissonance, knowing that it’s just a machine, yet its behavior induces that reptile-brain gut feeling that this is a living, very alien, creature. […]

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