22 Mar 2008
Cyborg Insects

The goal is to create insects that can be remotely controlled to serve as remote sensing devices, giving the paranoid schizophrenic in us all one more excuse to start gibbering about “Project: Beelzebub.”

Joel Johnson, Cyborg Moths Will Soon Watch You Pee, at Boing Boing Gadgets

Urm, yet another DARPA project.

Not that I’m paranoid, but imagine these cyborg insects (and other flying critters) coordinating with dozens of BigDogs enhanced with swarming ability …. and they’re after you.

Update (3/23): I categorized my post as humor, but just a few minutes after I originally posted, Giles Bowkett’s darker and provocative Robot Warriors Will Destroy America showed up in my feedreader. He says (much context deleted):

… the commodification and miniaturization of advances in robotics, will make the weapons available …
… When I say robot warriors will destroy America, I don’t mean there’s going to be this big war with big robots crushing big tanks. I mean there’s going to be lots of tiny conflicts with lots of tiny weapons, …

Category: humor, Sci-Tech
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