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22 Apr 2008
Jot and Tittle

Bill Poser, in Two Dots Too Many (Language Log) discusses a murder (via knife, not gun) / suicide. He concludes with “There are several lessons to take away from this tragedy. One is that localization is a good thing. Another is that it is best not to kill people who make you angry until you […]

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22 Apr 2008
Happiness is a Warm Gun

Sorry for the hackneyed title, but I couldn’t resist. Anyway … time for another polarizing topic. Mark Frauenfelder, in Gun owners are the happiest people in the US (Boing Boing), quotes Arthur C. Brooks’ WSJ article Trigger Happy (may be transient link), which says ‘In 2006, 36% of gun owners said they were “very happy,” […]

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