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26 Apr 2008
LINdependence 2008

HeliOS Solutions is the primary sponsor of LINdependence 2008, which claims “On July 4th, a significant percentage of Felton, Calif., will go Microsoft-free for one week…maybe an entire month. Maybe for good.” It looks like an interesting concept, but it seems a little bit more hype than substance at the moment. Really, I just wanted […]

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26 Apr 2008
DRM sux redux

Yet another “service” bites the dust, leaving behind more consumers who probably thought they owned something permanent, only to discover that use of “their” stuff was at the whim of some entity that couldn’t care less. Customers who have purchased music from Microsoft’s now-defunct MSN Music store are now facing a decision they never anticipated […]

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26 Apr 2008
Windows XP downgrade

After some time in June, OEMs won’t be allowed to ship PCs with Windows XP pre-installed. However, Dell and other vendors may get around that by offering to assist businesses in exercising their “downgrade rights”. Microsoft gets to count the sale for Vista, but the XP image that comes with Vista is pre-loaded for you. […]

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