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03 May 2008
Alien Overlords

It’s time to reassemble the interocitor and send “I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords“, if I can just find the schematics. Oh, wait…. It’s too late, baby, according to Dr. Alexander L. Zaitsev’s Detection Probability of Terrestrial Radio Signals by a Hostile Super-civilization. We don’t need to worry about the dangers of actively […]

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03 May 2008
When to Post

According to jake at Third Rail, Thursday at noon (PST) is the best time to post. He goes on to say ‘It’s pretty clear that Tues – Friday between 10am – 2pm PST are the “hot times” for popular blog posts.’ That explains a lot, lol. I tend to post when I get around to […]

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03 May 2008
WordPress 2.5.1

I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 yesterday, using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. When finished, it looped back to the beginning, starting the upgrade over again, leaving my plugins disabled. Next time I’ll just upgrade manually — it’s not difficult; I was just trying to avoid a little work.

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