15 May 2008
Mission: Implodable

Mission: Impossible (the 1966 TV series) usually opened with the “Tape Scene”, where Mr. Phelps hears his assignment: “your mission, should you decide to accept it ….”, which concluded with “this tape will self-destruct in five seconds”.

A perfect model for the RIAA: “This media, should you decide to accept our license (and if you’ve listened this far, you have), will self-destruct five seconds after use.”

I had a more elaborate rant in mind, based on some recent ridiculous lawsuits, the comments of an artist blogger who really would like to see the re-use of “old” art stopped because we owe him and fellow artists a living by always commissioning new works, yada yada, ….

Unfortunately, I was sidetracked by coming down with something that has pretentions of being the flu, but not quite so bad. I’m still not back to my usual health.

Then I got even further sidetracked when I dug out my old Craig Model 212 reel-to-reel tape recorder for the image above. As a kid I thought it was so cool to see “my” tape recorder used on many of the M:I shows (hey, in ’66, this was leading edge consumer stuff). It’s been in the closet for years, and the belts have stretched and become too loose to drive the capstain and reels. So, instead of working on this post, I took the recorder apart to clean it up. I want to find some replacement belts (or rig something temporary). Maybe I’ll do a gadget post about it later on.

Category: Life-Society
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