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22 Aug 2008
Comment Spam

Usually spam comes from random IP addresses, but lately I’ve gotten a lot from (supposedly somewhere in Panama or Mexico). The Akismet plugin does an excellent job of catching comment spam, but I’ve grown tired of seeing this particular address over and over again in the spam queue, so I’ve blocked that IP. If […]

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14 Aug 2008
Eliminate Infrastructure Kinetically

“… they could have […] eliminated the infrastructure kinetically”, according to Gadi Evron in “Internet Attacks Against Georgian Websites” (and followup). There is a plethora of commentary on the Georgian situation, so I’m not going to discuss it here. However, the concept of eliminating infrastructure kinetically did ping my interesting phrases meter, so I’m sharing […]

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09 Aug 2008

When someone’s post consists of only “Creepy. Deeply, deeply creepy.“, you just have to check it out. Maybe “It’s No Boo-Boo – Bandages as Fashion Accessories” is creepy, but my first impression was “this is silly”. But if you then lie and say it’s just a cut instead of proclaiming your bleeding-edge fashion sense … […]

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08 Aug 2008
Timestamp Everything

I try to be organized, I really do, but it doesn’t come naturally. Having tried several schemes (my favorite being David Allen’s Getting Things Done), you’d think I would eventually get it right, but sooner or later I fail on the follow-through. However, I have developed a few habits that have stuck. One of those […]

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04 Aug 2008
Social Connectivity Constant

As I’ve said before, I like interesting phrases. Here’s another one: What we’re seeing suggests there may be a social connectivity constant for humanity. —Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Messenger project Wow, that sounds profound. See the BBC News article “Study revives six degrees theory” for the full story. Background information is available in the Wikipedia article […]

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03 Aug 2008
Information Seizure

Ultimately, if you are allowed to travel at all, it will be in a pod, naked and sedated. Regulations already prohibit starting out with a variety of innocuous materials (shampoo), over-zealous policy enforcement prohibits “inappropriate” dress (Transformer t-shirts) , and economic pressure is exerted to limit the amount of luggage you carry. If you carry […]

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02 Aug 2008
The Nadir of Advertising

In Quirky Spam I described a special corner of hell for email spammers. Well, I’ve found them some neighbors. I occasionally look through my spam for a few moments of entertainment — or is it more like gawking at car wreck as you drive by? Well, whatever. I recently came across one with the subject […]

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