01 Oct 2008
Irrefutable Logic

“[Amanda Peet] has a lot of balls to come forward and be on that side [vaccinations], because there is an angry mob on my side, and I like the fact that I can say she’s completely wrong.” and “… until she walks in our shoes, she really has no idea.” — Jenny McCarthy in an upcoming issue of Spectrum Magazine

I’ve seen the above quote on several blogs; I’m just adding to the noise, Let’s see:

  • angry mob on my side
  • I can utter the statement “you are wrong
  • your ideas are bogus because you aren’t affected directly (you have to “feel” it, forget observation/data)

Then there’s the broader subtext of “I’m a celebrity, which trumps experts in the field.” — weakened somewhat in this context since they are both celebrities.

Yeah, I’m convinced by her irrefutable logic. Not.

Also see Anti anti-vaccination [added 2009-02-14].

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