Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2

Posted by hornlo on October 14th, 2008 filed in meta

I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 2.6.2. Please let me know if you notice any problems.

Next upgrade: 2.6.3.
Previous upgrade: 2.5.

2 Responses to “Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.2”

  1. Kit Singleton Says:

    uh huh…you upgraded just in time to need to upgrade to 2.6.3 :P Gotta love procrastinators. lol

  2. hornlo Says:

    Heh. I’d planned to update this weekend — it’s only two files — which I’ll get around to before I crash for the night.

    What will be more fun is the upgrade to 2.7, due November 10th. I’ll probably wait a bit to see what problems, if any, come up when the early adopters upgrade.

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