06 Jan 2009
Micromanagement Zombies

The always controversial (well, sometimes, anyway) Jeff Atwood has stirred up his readers again with Are You Creating Micromanagement Zombies? — basically, build teams of good people and trust them — but it’s his use of the quiz from Kathy Sierra’s BrainDeath by Micromanagement: The Zombie Function that irked a number of readers.

Both posts are quite interesting, but Sierra’s paraphrase of a quote from Dune caught my eye: “Be careful of every order you give. Once you give an order on a particular topic, you are responsible for always giving orders on that topic.”; which is complementary to the point I wanted to make in Technical Solutions to Social Problems: “What that leads to, however, is our sense of social responsibility being replaced with the attitude that anything not explicitly banned and technologically barricaded is perfectly all right…”

image: Zombies NightoftheLivingDead, Wikimedia Commons

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