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Posted by hornlo on January 17th, 2009 filed in Life-Society

In “This Miracle Brought to You by America’s Unions“, emptywheel says

They’re calling it a miracle–the successful landing of a US Airways jet in the Hudson and subsequent rescue of all 155 passengers. They’re detailing the heroism of all involved, starting with the pilot and including cabin crew, ferry crews, and first responders. What they’re not telling you is that just about every single one of these heros is a union member.

[… list of heroes’ union memberships …]

Bob Corker and Richard Shelby like to claim that union labor is a failed business model.

But I haven’t heard much about Bob Corker and Richard Shelby saving 155 people’s lives.

h/t: Chad Orzel, links for 2009-01-17, Uncertain Principles

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