07 Jul 2009
Smile Police

smiley Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I thought it was bad enough that some US states had come out with a “no-smile” policy for driver license photographs.

At least that’s just for a few minutes. But if you are unfortunate enough to work at the Keihin Electric Express Railway in Japan, well you’re in for a whole day’s grief of required smiling:

More than 500 staff at Keihin Electric Express Railway are expected to be subjected to daily face scans by “smile police” bosses.
Workers at Keihin Electric Express Railway will receive a print out of their daily smile which they will be expected to keep with then throughout the day to inspire them to smile at all times, the report added. — Danielle Demetriou, Workers have daily smile scans, Telegraph.co.uk

And make sure you’re wearing enough flair.

image: Smiley.svg, Wikimedia Commons

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