10 Aug 2009
Stupid Spammers

I think this is the first time I’ve noticed an error like this in my blog spam; emphasis mine:

I just wanted to stop in and say how-do-you-do to everyone. I wanted to acquaint myself, my name is Ashley. Hello all, my name is Keith.how-do-you-do to all, I am recent here and my name is Samantha.

I determined to post today because I think community as a whole is very functional and informal. I love looking at all of the issues and posts here and being that I am not much of a poster, I came to the conclusion to make my very initial thread.

To dedicate back to the community, I have made up my mind that I wanted to post a recent good experience that I have had with another website I used. This website is honest and very professional.

That company is ImSoStupid.com and they offer online http://www.imsostupid.example.com – pc repair

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