12 Oct 2009
Installing Fedora 10 on SCSI/RAID

I’ve recently installed Fedora 10 on a few desktop systems without any problems. However, I did run into an issue on a Dell Power Edge 850 with a PERC 4/SE RAID controller. Note: this problem occurs on other SCSI systems as well.

The installation runs to completion without any errors, but, when the system reboots, you see:

  1. unable to access resume device UUID ….
  2. mount: error mounting /dev/root on /sysroot on ext3: no such file or directory

Fortunately, the fix is very simple. Just before rebooting, chroot to the new installation (if not already there) and enter:

  1. mkinitrd —with=scsi_scan_wait /boot/initrd-VER… VER…

If you forget to do this before rebooting, just boot any Linux rescue/installation kit, chroot to the installed system, and execute the above mkinitrd command.

Update 2010-03-05: fixed typos (“mkinitd” -> “mkinitrd”)

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