05 Jan 2010
GPG / PGP keys for 2010

These are my GPG / PGP keys for 2010, valid for one year; keys for previous years have expired. Replace the “:FOO:” with “@” for proper addresses.

Personal correspondence.
ID 90F42C39: Larry Olin Horn (lohnet mail 2010) <hornlo:FOO:lohnet.org>

Business correspondence.
ID C2B1AE2A: Larry Olin Horn (ptk mail 2010) <hornlo:FOO:ptk.org>

Business, when I have to use Outlook / Exchange.
ID F2039886: Larry Olin Horn (outlook mail 2010) <hornlo:FOO:ptk.org> (or <Larry.Horn:FOO:ptk.org>)
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