06 Jan 2010
Shed free

DAT tape Today, as Brian and I were discussing a problem with a DAT-72 tape drive, I happened to glance at a cleaning tape lying on the table. Whenever a tape drive turns on its “I’m feelin’ dirty!” light, you pop in a cleaning tape to take care of it, but otherwise you don’t really pay much attention to the tapes themselves.

What I’ve never noticed before is the slogan “Shed Free” printed on the tape. A cleaning tape. Now, to me, this is as if Tide emblazoned “Dirt Free!” on their boxes of detergent, or Frito Lay boldly declared “Potato Chips Inside!” on a package of potato chips. Or PCs declared “Intel Inside!” … oh, sorry; got carried away.

This is a cleaning tape. Used to clean your tape heads of shed and other debris.

I don’t know about you, but I would think that being shed free would be a basic, minimal requirement of a cleaning tape. In fact, I would consider it defective if it were to shed all over my equipment. Certainly not something I’d mention as if it were a feature that put me a leg up on my sheddy competitors.

image: TheJosh, DDS2 tape with scale.jpg, Wikipedia

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