10 Jan 2010
Water problems

Nothing like three days below freezing to mess up your pipes. Although city crews have been rushing around all over fixing broken mains, I thought I had avoided any problems. However, I just noticed that my water is turning brown, but pressure is fine. I checked under the house and out in the yard where the water line comes in and didn’t see anything unusual, so, if I’m “lucky”, it’s residue from city repairs, or at least a mains break, not mine.

Update: as the city slowly grinds to a halt … “The Day the Pipes Stood Still“. [h/t: @JxnFreePress — “Tee, hee. RT @AndiAgnew: Love it! @knolaust RT The Day the Pipes Stood Still (Mock Movie Poster by Knol) http://bit.ly/8b2iG8”]

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