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04 Jan 2010

I didn’t make any New Year resolutions; I have enough trouble keeping up with the day-by-day ad hoc stuff. Over break I got done a number of minor things I wanted to do, and dealt with some fix-me-now problems, but I let most of my bigger plans slide. At least for me, getting to the […]

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03 Jan 2010
Salt with a kick

“[S]odium-free salt (potassium chloride) is sufficiently radioactive (from the isotope potassium-40) that after several months, a saltshaker-ful will form an image on film.” —Theodore Gray, Gray Matter: DIY X-Ray Photos, Popular Science Unrelated to the content, a brief rant…. Apparently PopSci (yeah, I know) is de-optimized for my flavor of Firefox. I ran across the […]

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02 Jan 2010
Coffee is good for you

I drink coffee. A lot. Neither the cup on my desk at work nor the one on my desk at home stays empty for very long. I’m pretty sure that my cups per day stat is in the double digits. I probably should measure my consumption in pots rather than cups. Fortunately for my wallet, […]

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01 Jan 2010
January Holidays

Some of the holidays coming up in January: Festival of Sleep Day, Play God Day, Peculiar People Day, Blame Someone Else Day, and Escape Day. I’m torn. A lot seem to be concerned with food. Specific days are for Bean, Hot and Spicy Food, Popcorn, Buttercrunch, Eskimo Pie, and Cornchip. The whole month is devoted […]

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