14 Jun 2019
Hi, I’m Olin

In the continuing saga of junk postal mail, a new variation has shown up — “Olin Horn”. I’m eagerly awaiting a slew of new fodder for my shredder.

This did remind me that in my high school days I began signing my homework as “L. Olin Horn”. Perhaps I was tired of “Larry”, or tired of people assuming that it was short for “Lawrence” (not my name). Or maybe I was just pretentious.

While I was working at Millsaps, the Olin Foundation funded a new building — “The Olin Building”, of course. I was amused by the number of times I was asked, sometimes half-seriously by new acquaintances, if the building was named after me.

In one of my instantiations as a college student, I lived in a quad with two other Larrys. We solved that issue by me being “LO” (el-oh), one being “Doughnut”, and the other just plain “Larry”. Fortunately the “Hello, LO!” phrase died out rather quickly.

So far, I’ve been spared the variations of “Olan” and “Olen”, and “Horn” getting transmuted into “Horne”, but I figure it’s only a matter of time.

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