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05 Jul 2009
Advertising in eBooks

According to an article in Slashdot, Amazon wants to patent the idea of inserting advertizing into eBooks and other online generated content. One example given is that if a restaurant is described on a page, the preceeding or following page will have an advertizement related to restaurants or dining. This reminds me of the fad […]

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16 Feb 2009

I’ve noticed an increase in spam from VerifiedSpam.com [1]. I smirk when I read the disingenuous No, this isn’t spam email. It’s penetrating online established communities relative to your website, product or services. Not only does this increase SEO & Web Traffic, but by targeting forums relative to your online activity, you are able to […]

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04 Feb 2009
Just say “Cheese!”

Here’s an interesting mix of articles about public imaging. It’s not enough that you have to watch out for your camera-phone-armed friends and enemies who may catch you in a moment of indiscretion (check with Mr. Phelps), the rabid paparazzi who are continually hounding your trail, or the proliferating surveillance cameras — now you need […]

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27 Sep 2008
Perception of Similarity

“A study by Psychology researchers at the University of Warwick has found a radical 50/50 split in how people decide ‘What makes two things seem similar?.” according to this report at ScienceDaily. His first experiment using the word “similar” found that 31% of the people chose a physical feature based similarity (for instance cake and […]

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02 Aug 2008
The Nadir of Advertising

In Quirky Spam I described a special corner of hell for email spammers. Well, I’ve found them some neighbors. I occasionally look through my spam for a few moments of entertainment — or is it more like gawking at car wreck as you drive by? Well, whatever. I recently came across one with the subject […]

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