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18 Jul 2009
Digital Ownership

Just what does it mean to own something? Back when anything of interest had a tangible, physical instantiation, it was pretty clear … “possession is nine tenths of the law” as the saying goes. Yet again Amazon’s Kindle has demonstrated that our “common sense” view of ownership has not kept up with the times. In […]

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05 Jul 2009
Advertising in eBooks

According to an article in Slashdot, Amazon wants to patent the idea of inserting advertizing into eBooks and other online generated content. One example given is that if a restaurant is described on a page, the preceeding or following page will have an advertizement related to restaurants or dining. This reminds me of the fad […]

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23 Jun 2009
Why I prefer real books

I prefer “real” books over electronic ones. So much of what I do is intangible: mere transient electromagnetic disturbances in a wire or chip, displayed on a glowing screen, precariously stored on whirring platters, streaming tape — all susceptible to destruction by emp, power failure, careless shell commands, or obsolescence of technology… In contrast, a […]

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