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02 Jan 2009
Clone on the Range

“DIY BIO: clone at home but kill them later” (Sandra Porter) … I just love that title. Flashbacks to John Varley. Cloning the gene for green fluorescent protein is fun. Lots of fun. Cloners have put the GFP gene into rabbits, plants, cats, fish, and worms, and made mutants that code for proteins in every […]

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09 Dec 2008
Origin of “clone”

An interesting bit of trivia… Webber chose “clon.” From a Greek term meaning twig, spray, or slip, broken off for the purposes of propagation, “clon,” met Webber’s criteria of being short, euphonious, phonetically spelled, easily pronounced, and unlike any other word being used in the English language. —Alexandra Stern, Short, Euphonious, and Different: Clone is […]

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