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09 Mar 2009
Robot Pics

Time for some more robot stuff. The Boston Globe has a collection of 32 images in “Robots – The Big Picture“. #3 & #12, the da Vinci surgical system — flashbacks to Logan’s Run #14 — a Christmas card? #19, Big Dog — my favorite critter #27 — “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY”

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08 Mar 2009

Rob Spence is going to make the eye-camera a reality (if some obscure TLA agency hasn’t already). The implications for privacy and security have long been a part of science fiction, but this project should garner it wider attention in the general public’s eye (sorry). Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and […]

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07 Mar 2009
Ghosts of Memory

In the small hours of the morning, as I wander randomly over the ‘Net, something reminds me of Ghost in the Shell. One of the pervasive issues in GITS is what it means to be human in a society where entire bodies can be replaced with prosthetics, consciousness transferred from one construct to another, and […]

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