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04 Jul 2009
The TLD Mint Revisited

A day or so ago I ran across John Levine’s “What are TLDs Good For?” and wanted to share it with you. In preparing this post I discovered that exactly a year ago today I posted “The TLD Mint” — at least that made choosing an image and title easier, ha. Anyway, Levine says Yesterday […]

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04 Jul 2008
The TLD Mint

I’ve been annoyed with the domain registration system ever since it became de rigueur to register any name under (at least) .com, .net, and .org. My coworkers are probably tired of my occasional rants about it. Note that it is the creation and registration process, as handled by ICANN that annoys me, not the technical […]

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04 Jul 2008
Ten Years of lohnet.org

I just realized that June 19 was the tenth anniversary of my lohnet.org domain registration (why I registered it). It is still my primary email domain, but the web site just sends traffic here. I’ve not decided what to do with it once I get time to revamp it. Due to my own laziness, I […]

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