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28 Jul 2009
DRM comes to paperbacks?

A look into the future … When taking DRM and applying it to a regular book, it comes off as silly and is something we would never tolerate. —Billy Chasen, DRM-bricked paperback book I hope he’s right. image: Billy Chasen

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23 Jun 2009
Why I prefer real books

I prefer “real” books over electronic ones. So much of what I do is intangible: mere transient electromagnetic disturbances in a wire or chip, displayed on a glowing screen, precariously stored on whirring platters, streaming tape — all susceptible to destruction by emp, power failure, careless shell commands, or obsolescence of technology… In contrast, a […]

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26 Apr 2008
DRM sux redux

Yet another “service” bites the dust, leaving behind more consumers who probably thought they owned something permanent, only to discover that use of “their” stuff was at the whim of some entity that couldn’t care less. Customers who have purchased music from Microsoft’s now-defunct MSN Music store are now facing a decision they never anticipated […]

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