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12 Oct 2009
Installing Fedora 10 on SCSI/RAID

I’ve recently installed Fedora 10 on a few desktop systems without any problems. However, I did run into an issue on a Dell Power Edge 850 with a PERC 4/SE RAID controller. Note: this problem occurs on other SCSI systems as well. The installation runs to completion without any errors, but, when the system reboots, […]

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24 Nov 2008
VMware Server 1.08 on Fedora 9

VMware Server is great for keeping a copy of Windows handy on my Fedora Linux-based laptop. The only annoyance is that every time the kernel updates, VMware has to be rebuilt — although that’s just a simple command ($ vmware-config.pl). However, about a week ago I updated the kernel to version 2.6.27, after which VMware […]

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27 Oct 2008
Installing Fedora 9

This weekend I installed Fedora 9 on my laptop. First, I bought a 320 GB disk and a Rosewill enclosure for the old drive — I prefer to do fresh installs rather than in-place upgrades. It’s interesting to note that as I’ve increased the capacity (100 -> 200 -> 320 GB), the power requirements have […]

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25 Apr 2008
Fedora 8

I’ve installed Fedora 8 (replacing Fedora Core 6) on my Dell Latitude D820 laptop. I have three issues (so far) with this new install. I’ll whine about them here just in case some ghost of LazyWeb still exists and answers before I get around to researching them myself. One of the few annoyances I have […]

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