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04 Mar 2010
Time Flies

“Ethan here: Today marks the 44th anniversary of Candelstick Park tornado that struck Jackson. 57 people died and 504 people were injured.” —@16WAPTNews I haven’t thought about that in years. My uncle was working there at the time; my aunt too, or maybe she was just visiting him. I vaguely remember them describing the experience. […]

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12 Feb 2010
Snow in Jackson, February 2010

We seldom see snow that amounts to anything, but this was enough to close schools and businesses. I’ve posted a few pictures on Flickr.

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14 Jan 2010
Under Pressure

Finally I have water pressure again, seems like more than before the crisis. At last I can shower and wash clothes again. Wheee! Before we decry the timeliness of Jackson’s response to a few leaks, just image this 20 million gallon a day leak in NYC’s water supply that has been known about for 20 […]

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13 Jan 2010
Trickle trickle little star

That is, the stars on this map indicate where the 120+ 140+ water main breaks are. There’s no legend, but I’m assuming that the many red stars represent unrepaired breaks while the green ones represent completed repairs. At the moment (a little after 11pm), I still have only a trickle of water — enough, with […]

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12 Jan 2010
Water water … nowhere

With over a hundred breaks in the water mains, Jackson is running kinda dry right now. Federal, state, and local governments have closed offices, school have closed, a number of local businesses have locked their doors. Some neighborhoods (mine, for example) have no water, while others have barely a trickle. Boil-water alerts aren’t useful when […]

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10 Jan 2010
Water problems

Nothing like three days below freezing to mess up your pipes. Although city crews have been rushing around all over fixing broken mains, I thought I had avoided any problems. However, I just noticed that my water is turning brown, but pressure is fine. I checked under the house and out in the yard where […]

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19 Sep 2009
Frugalista Fandango

I don’t know the Jackson Frugalista. In fact, I’d never heard of her until early this morning when a tweet saying “a Jackson blogger is getting beat up on by some lawyers” caught my eye. Since I’m also a Jackson blogger, my curiosity was piqued. Why is she being “beat up on”? You can read […]

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16 Aug 2009
Hurricane Survival Checklist

WAPT 16, a local Jackson, MS, TV station, offers a Hurricane Survival Checklist [1] I’d like to add a few more hints. Please feel free to add more in the comments. First, consider additional smaller kits tailored for you office and car. If you’re caught at work or on the road, these kits can tide […]

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07 Mar 2009
Who isn’t running for mayor?

According to the Clarion Ledger article “18 running for Jackson [Mississippi] mayor“, “Incumbent Mayor Frank Melton is one of 18 candidates for the top spot, including the man he beat four years ago, the tax collector who threatened to auction his home and the former district attorney who tried to put him in jail.” Wow, […]

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22 Feb 2009
Trivia for 2009-02-22

Jackson is the largest city in Mississippi, with a population of 529,456. That’s 2.3 times the size of the second-largest area, Gulfport-Biloxi, with 227,904. Mark Dominus, in Second-largest cities, lists the quotient for each of the US states. The highest is 25.7 (Illinois) — or infinity, depending on what you think of Rhode Island. You […]

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