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12 Oct 2009
Installing Fedora 10 on SCSI/RAID

I’ve recently installed Fedora 10 on a few desktop systems without any problems. However, I did run into an issue on a Dell Power Edge 850 with a PERC 4/SE RAID controller. Note: this problem occurs on other SCSI systems as well. The installation runs to completion without any errors, but, when the system reboots, […]

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18 Feb 2009
Linux in Exile

I prefer Linux over Windows. If I have problems with Linux, over 95% of the time I can assume that it’s my error. If there is a real problem, it tends to be definite, reproducible, and will usually be fixed by someone in a relatively short time. On the other hand, whenever I have Windows […]

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24 Nov 2008
VMware Server 1.08 on Fedora 9

VMware Server is great for keeping a copy of Windows handy on my Fedora Linux-based laptop. The only annoyance is that every time the kernel updates, VMware has to be rebuilt — although that’s just a simple command ($ vmware-config.pl). However, about a week ago I updated the kernel to version 2.6.27, after which VMware […]

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27 Oct 2008
Installing Fedora 9

This weekend I installed Fedora 9 on my laptop. First, I bought a 320 GB disk and a Rosewill enclosure for the old drive — I prefer to do fresh installs rather than in-place upgrades. It’s interesting to note that as I’ve increased the capacity (100 -> 200 -> 320 GB), the power requirements have […]

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07 Sep 2008
Research Desktop Workspace

This is the “research”[*] desktop workspace I’ve settled on after trying several configurations and procedures for organizing things. Firefox takes up the majority of the workspace, with two Nautilus windows to the side, one for today’s folder and one for my notes folder. You’ll notice that the icons in the Nautilus windows are different sizes; […]

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07 Jul 2008
Linux Filesystem Backups

Backup is an essential responsibility that comes with owning a computer, but it is more honored in the breech than in practice. Echoing what I said in MySQL Backups, some situations may require more elaborate techniques, but these scripts are “good enough” for my needs. I hope you find these scripts useful, and welcome comments, […]

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06 Jul 2008
MySQL Backups

Even if you consistently back up your filesystem, you should also back up your databases separately, using an appropriate tool to maintain their relational integrity and to provide for recovery independent of the filesystem. MySQL is a pervasive, lightweight RDBMS that is used with popular applications such as WordPress and Bugzilla. The mysqldump utility which […]

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26 Apr 2008
LINdependence 2008

HeliOS Solutions is the primary sponsor of LINdependence 2008, which claims “On July 4th, a significant percentage of Felton, Calif., will go Microsoft-free for one week…maybe an entire month. Maybe for good.” It looks like an interesting concept, but it seems a little bit more hype than substance at the moment. Really, I just wanted […]

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26 Apr 2008
Windows XP downgrade

After some time in June, OEMs won’t be allowed to ship PCs with Windows XP pre-installed. However, Dell and other vendors may get around that by offering to assist businesses in exercising their “downgrade rights”. Microsoft gets to count the sale for Vista, but the XP image that comes with Vista is pre-loaded for you. […]

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25 Apr 2008
Fedora 8

I’ve installed Fedora 8 (replacing Fedora Core 6) on my Dell Latitude D820 laptop. I have three issues (so far) with this new install. I’ll whine about them here just in case some ghost of LazyWeb still exists and answers before I get around to researching them myself. One of the few annoyances I have […]

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