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21 Aug 2009
Personal Satellite

I want one of these. I’ve no idea what I’d do with it, but still … my own personal satellite in LEO, if only for a few weeks. Interorbital Systems has this cool TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit for only $8000, which includes launching it into low earth orbit. Briefly, what you get is “the satellite’s […]

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03 Oct 2008
Target Earth

“Unfortunately, for SV11 the alarm is not over, the date of possible impact has shifted to April 1, 2009, but it is NOT an April’s fool.” — minor planets mailing list, hat tip to Technocrat. Look on the bright side — you may not have to fill out that 1040 after all. Actually, things aren’t […]

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03 May 2008
Alien Overlords

It’s time to reassemble the interocitor and send “I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords“, if I can just find the schematics. Oh, wait…. It’s too late, baby, according to Dr. Alexander L. Zaitsev’s Detection Probability of Terrestrial Radio Signals by a Hostile Super-civilization. We don’t need to worry about the dangers of actively […]

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