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28 Oct 2009
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor infinite loops …

This message is becoming an old friend: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients after more than 2448 hours on the queue on [deleted]. [… cut info about message …] No action is required on your […]

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10 Aug 2009
Stupid Spammers

I think this is the first time I’ve noticed an error like this in my blog spam; emphasis mine: I just wanted to stop in and say how-do-you-do to everyone. I wanted to acquaint myself, my name is Ashley. Hello all, my name is Keith.how-do-you-do to all, I am recent here and my name is […]

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12 May 2009
Car Warranty

Yay! FTC probes car warranty ‘robo-calls’. I’ve only received a couple of these calls on my cell, and a couple at work, unlike some poor individuals who keep getting called.

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08 Mar 2009
How to list comment spam IP addresses

As sort of a followup to my Comment Spam post, here’s a quick way to get a list of spammers to deny via your .htaccess file (or whatever method you chose to ban IP addresses). First, the SQL statement to get the list; put it in a file called list-spammers.sql: SELECT count(comment_author_IP) AS 'Count', comment_author_IP […]

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16 Feb 2009

I’ve noticed an increase in spam from VerifiedSpam.com [1]. I smirk when I read the disingenuous No, this isn’t spam email. It’s penetrating online established communities relative to your website, product or services. Not only does this increase SEO & Web Traffic, but by targeting forums relative to your online activity, you are able to […]

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11 Sep 2008
Poor Kelly

Poor Kelly, her msn keeps stopping but she would like to chat with me. Actually, it looks like her email and online accounts keep getting stuck too, since every time I hear from her, she has a different email address and a different “always online” location. Wow, she sure gets around alot! I suppose it’s […]

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07 Sep 2008
SMS Spam

More candidates for hell … Just as I was finishing my previous post, my phone announced I’d received a new text message. Even though it was 05:29, I wasn’t surprised because my friends know I keep unusual hours. However, it was SMS spam; in particular, stock spam. Who in their right mind would buy any […]

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22 Aug 2008
Comment Spam

Usually spam comes from random IP addresses, but lately I’ve gotten a lot from (supposedly somewhere in Panama or Mexico). The Akismet plugin does an excellent job of catching comment spam, but I’ve grown tired of seeing this particular address over and over again in the spam queue, so I’ve blocked that IP. If […]

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02 Aug 2008
The Nadir of Advertising

In Quirky Spam I described a special corner of hell for email spammers. Well, I’ve found them some neighbors. I occasionally look through my spam for a few moments of entertainment — or is it more like gawking at car wreck as you drive by? Well, whatever. I recently came across one with the subject […]

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04 Jun 2008
It’s Your Fault

This article at NewScientist, Malicious software threatens internet economy, by Colin Barras & Tom Simonite, summarizes an OECD report: Malware: A security threat to the Internet economy (PDF). I’ve selected a few items from the summary: most malware infections (93%) occur on home users’ computers around one in four personal computers in the US – […]

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