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04 Feb 2009
Just say “Cheese!”

Here’s an interesting mix of articles about public imaging. It’s not enough that you have to watch out for your camera-phone-armed friends and enemies who may catch you in a moment of indiscretion (check with Mr. Phelps), the rabid paparazzi who are continually hounding your trail, or the proliferating surveillance cameras — now you need […]

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30 Sep 2008
X-Ray Messages for the TSA

While I don’t think it’s a good idea to send messages to the TSA via metal plates in your luggage [MAKE Magazine], that’s not really what this post is about. Rather, it’s the reactions to the screening process itself, exemplified by the comments on the Make post. As perception of similarity is split in an […]

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03 Aug 2008
Information Seizure

Ultimately, if you are allowed to travel at all, it will be in a pod, naked and sedated. Regulations already prohibit starting out with a variety of innocuous materials (shampoo), over-zealous policy enforcement prohibits “inappropriate” dress (Transformer t-shirts) , and economic pressure is exerted to limit the amount of luggage you carry. If you carry […]

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