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08 Aug 2009
Cloud Ships

When I first saw this Telegraph URL in my email, I imagined huge silver blimps floating among the clouds. However, it turns out these cloud ships are literal ocean-going vessels. The project, which is being worked on by rival US and UK scientists, would see 1,900 wind-powered ships ply the oceans sucking up seawater and […]

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13 Jan 2009
UFOs integral to understanding humanity’s origin?

“It’s pretty hard for someone to draw conclusions on mankind when Darwin had never seen nor heard of UFOs. That’s kind of like teaching math but not understanding trigonometry.” –John Kocsis, letter to editor, St. Catharines Standard, Ontario, CA “you have achieved a discontinuity of meaning” –Fanny Mae, in Whipping Star (Frank Herbert) h/t: PZ […]

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