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24 Dec 2009
The good, the bad, and the ugly

This picks up from where “So much for rest and relaxation” left off. Good: The work crew didn’t finish, so we didn’t have to go in to move equipment. Bad: They rescheduled it for the 29th. Good thing I didn’t have plans for then, eh? Good: I went in anyway to finish updating my laptop, […]

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19 Jun 2009
Today’s snarky comment

“IE8 is pretty reliable. It finished downloading Firefox without a single crash.” — a comment on Lifehacker’s Microsoft’s Browser Comparison Chart Offends Anyone Who’s Ever Used Another Browser

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07 Jun 2009
Complete installs and uninstalls

I think I must have missed a transition somewhere along the way, where the qualifiers “sorta” or “not really” became implicit for words like “Complete” or “Uninstall”. There have always been rogue application (un)installations that due to programming errors or negligence don’t really do what they say, but I’ve lately grown increasingly annoyed at a […]

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18 Feb 2009
Linux in Exile

I prefer Linux over Windows. If I have problems with Linux, over 95% of the time I can assume that it’s my error. If there is a real problem, it tends to be definite, reproducible, and will usually be fixed by someone in a relatively short time. On the other hand, whenever I have Windows […]

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26 Dec 2008
Windows Genuine Pain In the Ass

This is old news, but I need to rant a bit. You’d think that downloading a file from a web site would be a simple process, but noooo, our friends at Microsoft have to make it a major effort — you have to seriously want to get that file. Microsoft’s PowerShell looked like it might […]

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14 Jun 2008
Must Be Running Windows

A few days ago iGoogle linked to an old photo of the lengthly (full letter-size page) instructions someone had taped to an office vending machine. I wanted to reference it here because it was quite funny, but unfortunately I’ve wiped out my browsing history since then and can’t find it, even after an extensive search. […]

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26 Apr 2008
Windows XP downgrade

After some time in June, OEMs won’t be allowed to ship PCs with Windows XP pre-installed. However, Dell and other vendors may get around that by offering to assist businesses in exercising their “downgrade rights”. Microsoft gets to count the sale for Vista, but the XP image that comes with Vista is pre-loaded for you. […]

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17 Dec 2000
a columnist’s epiphany…

I’d ripped this out of Network World some time back; it resurfaced while I was cleaning up some old files. I’m putting the link here so I can trash the hardcopy. Kevin Tolly says Like most people, I’m a prisoner of Microsoft. And, like most, I spend an inordinate amount of (unplanned) time trying to […]

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23 Nov 2000
Elimination of ‘DLL Hell’, correction of fatal flaws, and reinventing the Internet

First, there was the Windows API and DLL Hell. Revolution #1 was … Read Ron Burk’s hilarious “A Brief History of Windows Programming Revolutions” (Editor’s Forum, Windows Developer’s Journal, December 2000). [update 2000-12-30]Because the “Editor’s Forum” URL is always for the current month, this is a local copy (with permission). [update 2009-03-21]My local copy of […]

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