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13 Jan 2010
Trickle trickle little star

That is, the stars on this map indicate where the 120+ 140+ water main breaks are. There’s no legend, but I’m assuming that the many red stars represent unrepaired breaks while the green ones represent completed repairs. At the moment (a little after 11pm), I still have only a trickle of water — enough, with […]

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12 Jan 2010
Water water … nowhere

With over a hundred breaks in the water mains, Jackson is running kinda dry right now. Federal, state, and local governments have closed offices, school have closed, a number of local businesses have locked their doors. Some neighborhoods (mine, for example) have no water, while others have barely a trickle. Boil-water alerts aren’t useful when […]

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10 Jan 2010
Water problems

Nothing like three days below freezing to mess up your pipes. Although city crews have been rushing around all over fixing broken mains, I thought I had avoided any problems. However, I just noticed that my water is turning brown, but pressure is fine. I checked under the house and out in the yard where […]

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05 Jan 2010
GPG / PGP keys for 2010

These are my GPG / PGP keys for 2010, valid for one year; keys for previous years have expired. Replace the “:FOO:” with “@” for proper addresses. Personal correspondence. ID 90F42C39: Larry Olin Horn (lohnet mail 2010) <> Business correspondence. ID C2B1AE2A: Larry Olin Horn (ptk mail 2010) <> Business, when I have to use […]

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04 Jan 2010

I didn’t make any New Year resolutions; I have enough trouble keeping up with the day-by-day ad hoc stuff. Over break I got done a number of minor things I wanted to do, and dealt with some fix-me-now problems, but I let most of my bigger plans slide. At least for me, getting to the […]

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02 Jan 2010
Coffee is good for you

I drink coffee. A lot. Neither the cup on my desk at work nor the one on my desk at home stays empty for very long. I’m pretty sure that my cups per day stat is in the double digits. I probably should measure my consumption in pots rather than cups. Fortunately for my wallet, […]

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24 Dec 2009
The good, the bad, and the ugly

This picks up from where “So much for rest and relaxation” left off. Good: The work crew didn’t finish, so we didn’t have to go in to move equipment. Bad: They rescheduled it for the 29th. Good thing I didn’t have plans for then, eh? Good: I went in anyway to finish updating my laptop, […]

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23 Dec 2009
So much for rest and relaxation

So far this week, “break” has been good-news / bad-news. Monday Bad: Went to work Monday at 9am, didn’t leave til 8pm. What with other things I needed to do after that, I didn’t get home til about 10:30pm. Good: Got my office cleaned up a little bit, and I think I got all the […]

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19 Dec 2009
Christmas Break 2009

My Christmas break begins today. Officially I’m off until January 4th, but I may go into work Monday to take care of a few last-minute chores and catch up on office housekeeping I just didn’t want to deal with Friday evening. There are also three days when it’s my turn to drive in to rotate […]

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13 Nov 2009
Planning, conflict, MBTI, and bowling

This has been an interesting, if somewhat draining, week at work — filled with meetings, professional development sessions, and even an afternoon of bowling for the entire staff. Each year the leadership team assembles to review our past year’s performance and to develop goals for next year. This year, interleaved with the planning sessions, were […]

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