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26 Oct 2002
Images In Amber

Images In Amber I snapped the photograph with casual finger press And captured your golden hair swirling alive in the wind Digital ice, freezing forever this moment Bitwise amber encoding, storing for eternity The pixelated image of your smile, Captured to entrance long after you’re dust Quantum debris tumbling before a cosmic wind

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06 Jul 2002

Omens suns novaed millennia ago shine lately on my horizon I wonder what lives lived thereon and died in actinic flare across a million years the voices cry, only now impinging on my helpless ears, too late—oh, so late—for any rescue what sacrifices made so long ago to warn us now of dire needs— if […]

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29 Sep 1977
By Way Of Reflection

(no title) By way of reflection, I saw the sun Burning upward thru water into air How can it be that this simple puddle Reaches down thru the solid earth And brings me light and expanse? To ponder slightly-out-of-phase mysteries With reason and scientific logic That babble about reflection and refraction And related laws and […]

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