a columnist’s epiphany…

I’d ripped this out of Network World some time back; it resurfaced while I was cleaning up some old files. I’m putting the link here so I can trash the hardcopy. Kevin Tolly says

Like most people, I’m a prisoner of Microsoft. And, like most, I spend an inordinate amount of (unplanned) time trying to coax my plain-vanilla, all-Microsoft system to perform the basic tasks essential to my craft. …. It is then that I experienced an epiphany. It’s not that the Redmondians write bad software so much as they write horribly unbalanced software. For as excessively feature-rich and ornate as their applications are, the underlying operating system and network components in particular are, by comparison, crude and unreliable….

See the complete article at Tolly on Technology, Network World, June 26, 2000, p. 36.

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