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This item from the CNET Investor is absolutely amazing. Microsoft wants legislation (why else do “legislators need to understand the threat”) against open-source software? Notice the unsubtle reference to Napster, trying to taint Linux and all other open-source software with Napster’s current legal problems. Day is night, up is down.

Redmond, Washington, Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating-system chief, Jim Allchin, says that freely distributed software code such as rival Linux could stifle innovation and that legislators need to understand the threat. …

read the complete article at the CNET Investor.

On a tangent, these are distinct concepts: free (as in “free beer”), free (as in “unencumbered”), open-source, and public domain. Unfortunately, many articles confuse the terms and tend to incorrectly use them interchangably.

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