As my friends know, I’m not a particularly social person. However, over time I’ve accumulated a few profiles here and there for various reasons: curiosity; those “you’ve gotta read my post” links (registration required) from friends; evaluating a site for work; and even, tragically, to view information about funeral arrangements for a long-ago friend.

Also, I’ve become interested in OpenID, which can be used as a single digital identity across the Internet, and the related site claimID, which can provide an OpenID and a central place to “(dis)claim” links by or about you.

Finally, in a fit of vanity, I’ve decided I really should (re)start a blog. This post is public acknowledgement of that, which I hope will serve as a goad to continue posting regularly.

So, I have all these breadcrumbs scattered across the Internet, staking out tiny, neglected plots of virtual real estate, mostly vacant but for your basic “Kilroy Larry Was Here” sign in the back corner. To tie them together, and to remind myself that I even have these profiles, I’ve set up my own claimID page.

Well, enough rambling for this post. I’m off to stir up the dust at a few of those other sites.

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