When to Post

According to jake at Third Rail, Thursday at noon (PST) is the best time to post. He goes on to say ‘It’s pretty clear that Tues – Friday between 10am – 2pm PST are the “hot times” for popular blog posts.’

That explains a lot, lol. I tend to post when I get around to it, often on the weekend or in the middle of the night. I just started Isotropic this year, and have yet to develop a “voice” or any plan for development. My “readers” can probably be counted on one hand, but that’s not important; I still consider this just an experiment, a toy to play with. Perhaps if I ever feel I have enough time to actually put a lot of effort into posts, I’ll be more concerned about an audience. For now, I just post when I have a bit of time, and don’t worry too much about style or quality. Guess it shows, eh?

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