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All Shook Up

Not only are we having a rash of tornadoes, but now we have to contend with earthquakes. Although this minor 3.1 tremor isn’t significant in comparison to the major disasters around the world, any quake is unusual around here. image: … Continue reading

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Spiders, but not from Mars

The image is of Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi, a trapdoor spider recently discovered in Alabama and named after Neil Young. The full article is at Yahoo! News: Neil Young gets new honor — his own spider. See the Stranger Fruit link for … Continue reading

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Safety Deprivation

It seems that we shouldn’t even be allowed to check on our own safety. Here are a couple examples, below. Ostensibly they’re to protect us from ourselves by avoiding panic or loss of business (which is even worse, of course). … Continue reading

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