The Wizard

“You’ve been accused of wizardry.” Now that’s what I call a whopper of a career-ending phone call.

According to Presto! Teacher Out Of A Job, Piculas (the teacher) claims this is the result of a student being traumatized by a simple magic trick, using a toothpick and transparent tape, which Piculas demonstrated and showed the class how to perform at home.

Of course the school board says there are additional reasons, and “wizardry” doesn’t appear in hardcopy. Well, if I were on a school board and was accusing someone of wizardry, I wouldn’t want it documented either.

Now, personally, I think it’s the student (and perhaps his parents) who need some sort of intervention — there are some serious psychological issues here.

Of course, it’s probably difficult to get to the real truth of the matter. Piculas will paint himself in the best light. The school board will hide behind their bureaucratic wall of silence for personnel issues, with only a smarmy wink-wink to hint that if only they could talk about it, the tales they could tell.

I guess it wouldn’t be smart to name a science show “Mr. Wizard” today, eh?

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