Parrot Prodigies

Language Log’s ongoing ridicule of the BBC’s science reporting continues with Parrots and children: still silly season at the BBC:

There are people writing purportedly serious stories for the British Broadcasting Corporation who think that a grey parrot has the cognitive ability of a normal six year old human child. Have these people never met a normal six-year-old human child?

Hmmm. Maybe the parrots just seem intelligent because they’re telepathic!

image: Melanie Phung, Sunconurepuzzle.jpg, Wikipedia Commons

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  1. m p says:

    I generally think it’s kind of silly to compare animal intelligence to that of human children. They are way too different — with brains specialized for doing certain things relevant to their species. Not even sure what purpose it serves to say that X animal is equivalent in intelligence to a Y-year old child… parrots are NOT little humans, they shouldn’t be thought of as such.

    p.s. Gorgeous bird :)

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