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Posted by hornlo on May 26th, 2008 filed in Sci-Tech

I couldn’t miss the chance to refer to an article titled “Critters with attitude”. (Critter is one of my favorite words.)

To accompany the article So you think humans are unique? we have selected six articles from the New Scientist archive that tell a similar story. We have also asked the researchers involved to update us on their latest findings. Plus, we have rounded up six videos of animals displaying ‘human’ abilities.

Kate Douglas, Six ‘uniquely’ human traits now found in animals, New Scientist

The six themes (and representative articles) are

  1. Culture (Culture Shock)
  2. Mind Reading (Liar! Liar!)
  3. Tool Use (Look, no hands)
  4. Morality (Virtuous nature)
  5. Emotions (Do animals have emotions?)
  6. Personality (Critters with attitude)

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