Robofish Hunter-Seekers

Robofish According to Hannah Hickey, in Underwater communication: Robofish are the ultimate in ocean robots, keeping in touch without scientists’ help (University of Washington), “The Robofish pack’s first assignment, beginning this summer, will be to trail a remote-controlled toy shark.”.

Robofish are unique in that that they can coordinate their activities and, due to underwater inter-communication, don’t need to surface to communicate, either with each other or researchers.

A video and photo gallery is available at an older page, Fin Actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (UW’s Nonlinear Dynamics and Control Lab).

Just imagine these armed with minature torpedoes! Now we’re safe nowhere on earth — these Robofish have the sea, BigDogs have the land, cyborg insects have the air and enclosed spaces, and tiny terminators have our very cells — yikes! Combine that with the swarming robots research and we’re doomed! Doomed, I say!

h/t: School Of Robofish Communicate With Each Other In Underwater Robot Teams, Science Daily
h/t: Roland Piquepaille, Robofish teams of underwater robots, ZDNet
image: University of Washington

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