Pipe Robots

Totally tubular, man! Robots for teh Intertubes.

In the main, today’s robots are not that clever [to inspect pipes and shafts]. They cannot climb or navigate in vertical pipes – and very few have active joints. Cybernetics and optical measurement scientists at SINTEF are working on a solution.

SINTEF (2008, June 27). Robot That Climbs In The Pipe. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 27, 2008.; image: scaled from article

Well, there goes another hiding place. It’s a vast metal-wing conspiracy, I say.

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2 Responses to Pipe Robots

  1. Terri says:

    So I just have to ask. What are you hiding in you pipe?

  2. hornlo says:

    Me! It’s the old movie trope that you can always infiltrate or escape via the sewer or ventilation system. But now the robots can get you there, too.

    I’m not really paranoid. It’s just a running joke in my head related to the fictional situations where the nasty robots / computers take over, either of their own accord or being coerced by some Evil Doctor.

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