Ten Years of lohnet.org

I just realized that June 19 was the tenth anniversary of my lohnet.org domain registration (why I registered it). It is still my primary email domain, but the web site just sends traffic here. I’ve not decided what to do with it once I get time to revamp it.

Due to my own laziness, I had to renew my registration with Network Solutions [Wikipedia entry] instead of transferring to another registrar. Yes, I know I should have transferred it long ago.

Since that time 10 years ago, it has become possible to register domains with any of several registrars, and I’ve done so. It has also been easy to transfer domains among them. Except for NetSol. When I’ve transferred non-NetSol domains, it has only taken a few minutes or hours from initiation to completion, mostly dealing with approval emails and the time for the automation to complete.

However, when I transferred my one other NetSol domain, it took nearly a week to complete, including refused transfers, phone calls, and smarmy email trying to prevent me from transferring. Based on that experience I should have begun the transfer early, but I’d waited until too close to the expiration of lohnet.org; I didn’t want to risk the domain falling through the cracks in the middle of a transfer.

You have to initiate a transfer with your current registrar. It was almost impossible to find out how to transfer a domain away from NetSol, but of course there were plenty of informative links on their web site on how to transfer to them.

After finally discovering how, and jumping through the proper hoops to initiate the transfer, my new registrar kept getting rejection notices from NetSol whenever it tried to complete the transfer. That took actual phone calls to NetSol to resolve.

Then I started getting smarmy email messages from NetSol wanting to know why I was transferring, was I really sure, etc. The message that informed me the transfer had actually been accepted also informed me that NetSol would sit on the transfer for five days just in case I changed my mind, The only link in the email appeared to be a link to automatically cancel the transfer. It took another phone call to find out that the same link could be used to say go ahead and transfer now.

Next year I’ll pay more attention and begin the transfer early.

This turned into a brief rant about NetSol rather than history. Oh well.

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  2. hornlo says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep the solutions site in mind.

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