Hamming It Up

bacon Bacon. What more can be said? Too much, apparently.

I don’t recall how I found out about John Scalzi’s blog Whatever, but I’m glad I did. Not only did I discover a great science fiction writer, but also a daily source of humor and insight.

But sometimes he can go too far. Whether he actually deserves credit for it or not, someone has to be the scapegoatpig … and the ‘Net has chosen Scalzi … and he’s accepted. In Apparently This is All My Fault, he says “For those of you who enjoy it, you’re welcome. For those of you who despise it, I apologize. It’s a burden I will carry for the rest of my life. Fortunately, a tasty, tasty burden.”

What is he guilty of? Urm … taping bacon to a cat.

Not that I want to whip a dead horsepig, but, the man has in a twisted way benefited from this. In The Unbearable Ridiculousness of Bacon he reports that “Two of the top five days that Whatever has had in its entire near-decade run, unique visitorship-wise, have been because of entries concerning bacon. Seriously, here’s the top attendance figures, and the entries that motivated them: […]”

So, whenever you think of bacon, or of doing something bizarre with it, let Scalzi know — I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Update (2008-09-13): Introducing The Canonical Bacon Page and The Canonical Bacon Page.

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