Choosing Unique Baby Names

Posted by hornlo on July 12th, 2008 filed in humor, Life-Society

No, I’m not.

In Name Scrapers I mentioned the non-uniqueness of my name in an example. That must have sensitized me to pick up on Kevin Kelly’s GoggleUnique Names.

After mentioning several well-known strategies for choosing names, he goes on to discuss two new strategies, which he calls “global branding” and “GoogleUnique”.

The first is about names that “work just about anywhere on the planet”.

The second is about names that result in unique Google search matches. He says “All things being equal, a name which is unique AND works for all the other namely considerations a fine name needs is a better name.”

However, I don’t share his optimism that Googling may prevent naming disasters like Ima Hogg and Hugh Jass.

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  1. Terri Says:

    And don’t forget those initials. The name “Ashley Shay Smith” once resulted in her cheerleader uniform being delivered with “ASS” monogramed across her bosom.

  2. Arnold Says:

    Very interesting. I want to read more. Will it be continued?

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